1982 : Installation of the Disamatic 270 automatic plant for vertical molding. Big production series of grey cast iron pieces up to 50kg each. 


1994 : Investment in a hot blasting furnace for a reduced consumption of energy.


2008 : Acquisition of the first high speed machining center dedicated to the modeling workshop.


2010 : Mr Hugh AIKEN acquires the foundry.


2012 : Installation of the HWS horizontal molding line with 1400x1600mm frames, (450+450)mm high, for pieces up to 750kg and short production series.


2013 :  Fonderie de Niederbronn elarges its offer with ductile iron castings.


2014 : The foundry develops its skills (Cofrend 2 certifications - MPI, LPI and Ultrasonic Inspection) and enters some new markets (pumps, construction industry machines, railway).


2015 : International business development.


2016 : First major and international contract on the renewable energies market.

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