The foundry  acquired a 3D scanner. The Quality department gets currently trained on it. This contactless 3D scanner provides extremely accurate three-dimensional and high quality images. It allows to scan items and forms which are difficult to inspect with tactile measurements methods.

This scanner allows to measure the compliance of castings compared to the drawings more efficiently.


April 2015


The Foundry is COFREND 2 certified in three areas: Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI) and Ultrasonic Inspection.

This certifications include all the technics and processes providing  information of a room or structure through non-destructive testing (NDT). Their use ensures the safety of property and people.

This certification allows to continue the diversification of the foundry by entering new demanding markets such as the railway sector. Indeed, in this area, any equipment failure can lead to disaster. The non-destructive tests are necessary to check and detect possible damage.


April 2015


The Foundry  installed a 3D measuring arm for which the Quality Department has been formed.

With its 7 axes, it is now possible to make accurate dimensional measurement in a volume of 3 meters.


Is is used in addition to the three-dimensional measurement machine we already use since 2011. The measurement arm is mobile and can be used in various workshops without matters.


Examples of use : validation of prototypes and templates, expertise on tools and models, product audits,..

Another good investment for the Foundry !


May 2013

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